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Legacy Award

Women in International Business

Year  Name
 2021-2022 Anh Sirridge
 2020-2021 Howard Trilling
 2018-2019  Jay Devers
 2017-2018  Fred Baehner
 2016-2017 (First Recipient)  Keith Hustings

Year  Name
 2021-2022 Fang Shen
 2020-2021Jo Anna (Jody) Edgerton
 2018-2019  Narbeli Galindo
 2017-2018  Linda Tiller
 2016-2017  Karyn Page
 2015-2016 (First Recipient)  Tina Roth

Legacy Award

Criteria for Award Recipient

  1. A member of ITCGKC for at least 5 years.
  2. Served in various leadership roles including at the board level.
  3. Has demonstrated significant impact on the stability or growth of the ITCGKC organization or on its members.

Women in International Business Award

Criteria for Award Recipient

  1. Professional achievement (in international trade/development), and has a long-standing career in international trade.
  2. Is involved with other organizations in business and the community, and shares their expertise
  3. Proudly represents KC nationally and internationally
  4. Is a member of or supports the ITCGKC and its mission
  5. Has promoted the Kansas City metro as a center for international trade
  6. Has often held leadership roles to mentor or advise future IB professionals
  7. Has demonstrated a drive to educate and develop others in international trade
  8. Has an inspirational story of her own path
The International Trade Council of Greater Kansas City is a network of international business professionals, educators, and students that actively work with each other and the community to build a stronger support system for international trade in the Kansas City region.

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